Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Sunday, 18 March 2018

Our double bill in Ruislip

Acton Zappa and London Zappa Collective shared the bill and played a gig at Tropic At Ruislip last week-end. Finishing the night with both bands being on stage and playing together. Here's the flyer and set list. It went really well. We had a very good, appreciative crowd and everyone enjoyed it. Who would have thought there would be so many Zappa fans in Ruislip. We've been invited back, so keep an eye out for the date of our next gig there.

Friday, 29 December 2017

New Players for both Acton Zappa and London Zappa Collective

Next week-end, 6/7th Jan, Acton Zappa will be rehearsing with new keyboards, new bass plus a percussionist. LZC will be joined by a second guitarist, a trumpeter and a singer. It's going to be a busy week-end and I'm very much looking forward to both bands moving forward and having a great start to 2018.

Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Date for Zappadan Zappajam #4

Next year's Zappadan Zappajam will be number 4. The date is set at Saturday 1st December 2018 and the hall is booked. Put it in your diary. What bands will be playing? You'll have to wait and see. Zappa fun is guaranteed.

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Review of Zappadan Zappajam 3

On this their first gig London Zappa Collective were bass, drums, guitar and baritone sax. They opened the evening with the little performed Elvis Has Just Left The Building. This was followed up with another song about Elvis dying called Elvis Presley Blues by Gillian Welch. LZC were joined on stage at this point by guest player Bob Ash of The Straw Dogs who contributed a fine rockabilly guitar solo. Graham Davis of Gabba Zappa Hey now joined them on stage and played a blistering solo on Chunga's Revenge. Other highlights included Jo Fox singing the Amy Winehouse number Wake Up Alone, Bo Ash killing Black Napkins (it was like Frank was there), Jon the drummer sang Just A Little Bit and Jimmy on bass sang Going Down. The motto AAAFNRA was followed. LZC finished their set with the popular Cosmik Debris and Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance.

Tuesday Blue were a little late starting because Sarah Burley, their fabulous singer, was delayed with work and bad traffic. Sarah and the boys entertained with their usual gusto and included the Zappa numbers You Didn't Try To Call Me, Joe's Garage and Your Mouth. Hopefully these will remain in their set.

Finally Acton Zappa took the stage. Fred Handl had been due to play with them but sadly he had to cancel a few days before. Undaunted the four piece band opened with an instrumental medley of Latex Solar Beef, Oh No, Orange County Lumber Truck, Black Napkins, Big Swifty, Peaches en Regalia and Dog Breath. Many appreciative comments were made such as "That was really tight . man". Now it was song time and these were: Carolina Hard Core Ectasy, Camarillo Brillo and Muffin Man. We Are Not Alone finished the set. An encore was demanded and after a brief band conference on stage the evening finished with Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance as it had gone so well when LZC had played it earlier. The audience danced wildly but being December clothes were mostly kept on.

Sunday, 26 November 2017

London Zappa Collective

To avoid confusion with Acton Zappa the collective will be known as LZC or London Zappa Collective. The two groups will continue idependantly although I forsee some cross pollination, so to speak, taking place at times. Both groups will play at Zappadan Zappajam on 9th December and for LZC it will be thier first outing. Line-up is yet to be finalised but as well as bass drums and guitar there is likely to be keyboards, one or more saxophones, another guitar, a girl singer and even some taiko drums. Here's a snippet from a recent rehearsal with bass, drums guitar and two saxes.